Our professional experience and commitment to new challenges help us to create the lines along which we can best work together with our partners.

Both the environment and the tools keep changing, thus there are no ready-made answers. Still, solid foundations are indispensable. Since its foundation in 2009, ADAB Search Ltd has amassed an enormous amount of experience and a continuously growing network of connections, which guarantee that we will find the appropriate colleague for your company.


An effective and fast recruitment service process is especially important for all parties involved. In order to be successful, we combine several methods to find the ideal candidate from the most expansive range.

We know that these searches are sensitive in all cases, therefore we act with the highest discretion, and we work taking into consideration long-term cooperation and trust with both our clients and workers.


In case of temporary labour demand or zero growth in staff temporary employment service is the ideal solution. In the framework of this service we entirely take over the tasks of recruitment and selection.

We provide a flexible service which allows our Partners to quickly react to changes in the course of business and accomplishing their targets.

We undertake all administrative obligations regarding employment.


It is vital for all employers to formulate and emphasize their values, and to communicate these appropriately. Significant results can be achieved with these methods even over a shorter period of time.

Using our organizational development service you will be able to see the overall picture of the efficiency of human resources management at your company. Then you will be informed of the opportunities of development which will be mapped out in detail. Besides these, adequate trainings and education will improve the professional knowledge and the loyalty of employees.

The remuneration and benefit systems of companies greatly influence the motivation and thus the performance of teams. Loss of workforce resulting from ongoing fluctuations can be decreased with appropriate solutions, and the economic performance of companies can be increased.


There is an increasing emphasis on the availability of adequate workforce in the operation of companies, this is supported by the development of subcontractor networks or outsourcing entire processes. We support work processes with project management and administration, too.

Our company disposes of a wide and tested network of connections among subcontractors specialized in the IT, HR and finance sectors.