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About us

There is no unsolvable task! We are not discouraged by extraordinary challenges. Year by year, we prove that anything can be achieved with persistent and systematic work. Energy invested in work will always provide returns in the long run. At the same time we are also aware that in many cases time is the most important factor, therefore we aim to optimize the selection process by integrating new tools or reframing old ones.


Zsófi Révai

Company Manager

Adri Kluck

Junior Consultant



For effective cooperation it is indispensable to have the deepest possible insight into the working of the given sector. This way we can not only identify but also understand our partners’ aims and requirements, and thus we can support them as if it was our own company in question.


One of the secrets of permanently outstanding performance is continuous improvement. Therefore we keep training ourselves and thus we keep improving. We are not only up-to-date in HR questions but also we endeavor to have an insight of our partners’ work as much as possible to be able to provide them the best solutions.


Finding a job and a worker are both difficult tasks that require trust. This is why we focus on protecting both our partners’ interests and personal data and also those of the workers approached. This is the only attitude that works in the long run.


We do not make promises that cannot be kept. This exactly is why we accept assignments only if we regard the results warrantable. We support our clients with consultancy even before closing contracts so that the objects of the projects be really feasible. In this manner we can confidently guarantee our work.


The first and maybe the most important step for effective cooperation is to comprehend the details of our tasks and all circumstances influencing it: we ask a lot of questions. Naturally, we treat the information given confidentially, just as all applications and data acquired during the process.

Speed is our mutual interest. All parties may feel being under pressure in one way or another, so continuous communication and feedback helps us all clearly see the moment’s situation.

After selection the process still continues, being consultants the biggest acknowledgement for us is the success of our clients. When it comes to controlling the best way to learn is knowing our mistakes.


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